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    Ground water heat pumps

    Heat pumps with inverter and EVI function

    Sol Apa heat pump is ideal for those who need a very efficient, environmentally friendly and extremely cheap heat source, which they can use for larger buildings or industrial buildings, warehouses or offices.

    Ground-to-water heat pumps use the earth's energy to heat the heating medium and thus the entire house. Basically, they consist of a series of buried pipes, through which the thermal agent circulates. In addition, they are effective in both winter and summer.

  • ALTAL high efficiency water heat pumps

    Air Water Heat Pumps

    Air / water heat pumps - use outdoor air as an energy source and are considered energy-efficient heating systems, which quickly heat any room to the comfortable temperature set by the user. The energy of the air is inexhaustible - which means that you will not feel a lack of energy to heat your home or any other room.

    These heat pumps are also considered modern high-tech solutions with maximum operational safety and zero direct impact on the environment.

  • System multi split

    Multi split heat pumps

    This type of heat pump is more commonly used in large offices, multi-room apartments, private homes, hotel and restaurant buildings, shopping and entertainment complexes, and other such buildings where it is not possible to use other types of heat pumps. the heat.
    Unlike standard heat pumps, where an outdoor unit has an indoor unit, the multi-split system has the ability to connect multiple indoor units to an outdoor unit and can operate independently of each other
    . external unit and from 2 to 12 internal units.

    Metal processing

    ALTAL offers plasma cutting services. We use high-performance, state-of-the-art equipment that can support various thicknesses.
    Plasma cutting  is performed under specially designed conditions, this being based on the use of a high power light beam as the main cutting tool. The pasma cutting process is performed on the following metals: Stainless Steel, Iron, Titanium, Copper, Aluminum.

    Very simplified and high performance welding procedure


    Welding is the most advanced welding technology and is an extremely useful option for welding titanium, stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, etc.

    Plasma cutting machine

    Plasma table cutting

    Plasma cutting is one of the most advanced contemporary methods of cutting aluminum, steel, stainless steel or titanium, copper and is used in various industries such as construction, gold, agriculture, commercial machinery, etc.